Dakota Region

North Dakota is the least visited state in the United States.  Many people heading east to west or west to east will go through South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore.  Please look at the photographs in the tabs above to see what can be seen in North Dakota.

This western meadowlark saw the sharp-tailed grouse fighting at their lek and decided to join the combat.

Snowy owls can be seen occassionally during the winter and early spring in North Dakota and are a good reason to venture into the rural during the bleak cold days.

Badgers are common in North Dakota but I have rarely seen them, usually the badger quickly crosses the road ahead of me and disappears in the brush.  The are more likely to be seen in prairie regions.  When they move, they look like a walking rug because their body shape is so, so flat.  They dig a den to rest during the day and rarely use the den twice, constantly on the move.  Finding this badger out during the day was a treat.

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10 foot Wingspan!

American White Pelican

Oliver County, North Dakota

Photo of the Day- May 10, 2020

6 to 7.5 foot Wingspan!

Bald Eagle

Burleigh County, North Dakota

April 16, 2020

7.5 foot Wingspan!

Whooping Crane

Burleigh County, North Dakota

April 18, 2020

4.6 foot Wingspan!

Great Horned Owl

Oliver County, North Dakota

Photo of the Day- May 6, 2020

3 foot Wingspan!

White-faced Ibis

McKenzie Slough, Burleigh County, North Dakota

April 10, 2020

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