Cedar Waxwing

The cedar waxwing is a very social bird and usually travels in flocks.  They can be found year-round in most of the United States.   Their diet consists of berries, insects and more berries.  The cedar waxwing is named after cedar berries which it eats during the winter and the red waxy substance on the tip of its wings.

Do You Know?

Cedar waxwings are one of the few birds in the United States that primarily eat fruits.  If they eat overripe berries that have fermented, cedar waxwings can become intoxicated or even died from ethanol poisoning.

Oh, That looks like a yummy berry!

I have an itch!

Yes, Indeed, it is delicious!

I sing a high pitched whistling song!

Cedar waxwings like fruit year-round: strawberry, dogwood, raspberries, cedar berries, mistletoe, juniper, mountain, crabapple, and Russian olive fruits. In summer they eat insects and can catch them mid flight.  They like woodlands, particularly areas along streams.  Female waxwings are the nest builders but both Mom and Dad feed the young.  Between 3 and 5 eggs are laid after a 2 week incubation.  Babies are able to fly 2 weeks after being hatched.  Parents may have two nestings a year.

2020 Photos

Cedar Waxwing

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

June 10, 2020

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