Antarctica Region

Traveling to the Falkland Islands. South Georgia and Antarctica is the long way to get to the 7th continent.  The 21-day journey in early November allowed fresh ice to be seen as it is the beginning of the touring season.  The disadvantage of this time is that penguins are nesting on their eggs and not raising their young with the exception of king penguins.  The advantage of this time is the Antarctic fur seals being born on the beach while we were there and the 3-week old baby elephant seals who wanted to get close and personal.

Be prepared for rough weather and seas.  During the 3-week trip we saw the sun on three days.  Fortunately, one day was while at the Falkland Islands, one while at South Georgia and the last one on a spectacular day on Petermann Island in Antarctica

One is amazed at the remoteness, the large distances from civilization and the rugged beauty of the land.  The animals that live there thrive in a very harsh environment.  The amount of ice present is indescribable.  You need to see it for yourself.  As that ice melts, the seas will continue to rise.

It was nice to know that the animals there largely have this part of the world to themselves.  Humans should visit and appreciate and then return home and do what they can to protect this wonderful area.

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